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Thứ Tư, 22 tháng 6, 2016

How to Stop Spam in Gmail?

In the recent period it was always my Gmail messages appear miscellaneous, visual message that I do not want. And I feel very annoyed about that, And I always think is 
How to block spam in Gmail that sense. But recently I have found out that Gmail had a pretty powerful system to identify junk messages and spam messages that automatically filters its start work to show you a less and less desirable. Most of the action needs to stop unsolicited email must be done by the user, and once an action is set.

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This is one of the Gmail spam filter is really good, so before you follow the steps below, make sure that you're done with the basics. Which means you should select the unwanted message, and click the spam button, after following this process several times a few. Spam filters will work effectively in a few cases mark a message as spam.

Step 1: First you Log in to your Gmail account, then it will appear like the picture below you can click the pie iconin upper right corner -> select "Install".

Step 2: In Settings, go to the filter and click "Create a new filter" link.

Step 3: Enter your filter, such as specific addresses of spam sources, titles and keywords to identify spam (spam keyword example: "buy cheap apartmentsopportunity" or "please Contact us" ...).

Once you have done click "Create filter with this search" button.

Step 4: Choose how to deal with the email was identified as spam, check the "Delete" and then click "Create a filter".

Step 5: Gmail will update the list of filters you create. You can create a filter by clicking on the "Create a new filter" again.

Add Step: Gmail has launched a feature that helps users block new spam quickly from the source address has been bothering you. Specifically, Gmail settings Unsubscribe link next to the email address for your ad.

Visit Promotions section, which contains the message sent and advertising information for consideration.

In each of PromotionsSection email, Gmail settings Unsubscribe link next to the ad email address so you can block messages from this source.

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Thứ Năm, 2 tháng 6, 2016

How to access Facebook from Gmail

How to access Facebook from Gmail.

This is very simple to you.
Here we will show you how to log in Facebook by Gmail.

If you logged on facebook via gmail this will allow you to perform more easily and more efficiently.
If you've been once Facebook is blocked in school or at work, when you link it to Facebook Gmail this is also a good method to unlock Facebook when you deleted

Facebook is often blocked at work, or can be a big time sink. When you are working or are working on a project, you may find yourself in your Gmail interface to email or talk in chat. Now, you can link directly to your Gmail Facebook too.

First, you need to log in to your Gmail account. If you do not have an account, you will need to register and log in.

Once done, you will have to perform the following steps:

1. Click on the gear icon on the right side of the page.
2. Click Settings in the drop-down menu.
3. Click the lab
4. Click allows for "Add any gadget by URL."
5. Click save.
Now, users will want to return to the settings page and click the Utility tab. In this tab, you will find the following: ". Add a gadget by its URL"

Now, all that's left to do is click on the "Add" button. Now you will find the Facebook widget in the lower left corner of your Gmail account pages.

Simple, easy and effective. This method is a great way to use Facebook right from within Gmail without having to step out of the frame Gmail tab. If you are a person that spends most of the day you send email, this will save a lot of time converting tabs to meet with a client.

Note: since Google has devalued "Add any gadget by URL" function due to malware issues related.

Since the above method is outdated, we found no feasible method of using Facebook only with Gmail. However, there are a few useful browser add-ons and plugins that will allow you to use Facebook without actually be on the site.

Firefox and Waterfox Options

The best add-on for Firefox is Facebook Messenger. This is not an official app, but it works very well and bring a lot of Facebook functionality for your browser soon. You only need to download and activate add-on to start.

When you restart your browser, you'll see a Facebook icon on the right side of the screen.

Click on this icon will allow you to send messages, post updates, and do a whole lot more. It's quick and easy to install, and you'll find that using it could not be easier.

When open, the add-on will display your Facebook options left in a window frame.

Optional Chrome

Chrome has many extensions that you can download for Gmail. However, the extension absolute best Facebook called "Facebook for Chrome." Simply install the extension and you are almost ready to start browsing and use Facebook at your leisure.

Upper right, you will see a Facebook icon that you can click. This icon opens your news feed, allowing you to send messages and updates on all without ever returning to the main Facebook page again.


Thứ Tư, 1 tháng 6, 2016


Email marketing world today is very interested in the tabs that Google has added Gmail (they made the announcement about this on the day 29-5-2013). Up to this point, everyone has used it for some time tab. Based on data collected from users, we will explain to you: Why the Gmail tab is not bad as most people think?
New style Inbox Gmail allows users to receive emails that have been classified into five tabs available: Primary , Social, Promotions, Updates, Forum . The main factor here is "user". The new features in Gmail to help them better control over your inbox his already crowded. That makes their lives easier, more comfortable. But this seems to cause problems for email marketing services.

While waiting to see the impact in the long run of tabs open rates and click to email, we'll talk about a few things that can help you remain calm and understand more about the Gmail tab:

1. Do not equate to the spam folder Promotions tab

Promotions tab is simply pre-designated place of gathering all the promotional emails together. Moreover, people often separate check this tab when you want to purchase - in search of attractive items when they have time - rather than annoying to have to rummage through their mail pile to pick out all of the email advertisement. This also helps the new e-mail in each tab quickly be realized with a color-coded label is assigned. Therefore, it makes keeping track of new email is waiting in the tabs become easier.

2. The number of competitive email with your email will drop

Like other marketers, you are always afraid your email will be flooded in the mountains of email advertising. And the fact has happened in the past, it was: All email and informed of the social network are located in the main inbox. You never control the number of emails that other businesses send to your customers. All you can do is send an email with compelling content to meet the requirements of customers, with a headline charismatic to become more dominant than the title of the same email. And do not forget to use a reliable email address in the From field!

3. Customers will decide email sent to this tab

If you have built a good relationship with the customers, and they're waiting for your email, you do not need to worry about anything anymore. What you can do is to send a special email to customers who use Gmail to ask them to move the email to your Primary tab (just as you are asking them to take you to the whitelist as a person send) or add a reminder to the email you continued to send to customers. Gmail allows you to do it by drag and drop email or starred for that email. This means the customer is required to do if they want all email sent from someone is moved to exactly where they were designated tab.
You must always remember that: Once your email is already in the Primary tab of the inbox, also means that it must comply with the standards that were set by your readers (Of course that would be the criteria are strict).
I want to give a good advice for you: As soon as customers sign up to receive email, please remind them that the email you send us may be in the Promotions tab.

4. All are aimed at serving the interests of customers
Therefore, trying to "sneak" into the inbox Primary tab is not a good idea. Even if you figure out a way to do it is still possible that you are harassing customers. Meanwhile, they will have to move your email to Promotional tab, and all your efforts will be in vain. In worse cases, your email may be put into the spam folder or worst, customers can unsubscribe from email. So we can see: The new tab really reduce the proportion unsubscribe your email.

5. Not all Gmail users will use the new tab
Gmail users can still choose to switch on only one type of inbox. Many of them do not check your Gmail account via the web interface of Gmail or applications for mobile devices. They're using the desktop and mobile devices that bypass completely the Gmail tab. Therefore, when using Gmail on the old version of the Android operating system, at least you must use the new version of Android 4.0, the view tabs.
At this point, really is difficult to know the number of users who have used and will use tabs for this feature are in the process of implementation. So arguably Gmail's new tabs have not been widely used.
From the experience of the individual using Gmail, I think the new tab is really interesting because it immediately removes the clutter in your inbox, especially pile on social network announced that I got being (eg the update of the LinkedIn group discussions or notices of Facebook). It also helps me to easily browse and select email advertising emails really worth watching.
Of course there are many challenges for email marketers at this point, especially the advertising program seasonal. So you always have to pay attention to time and adjust it, just like you did with the other necessary elements.
Analysts Our will always pay attention to the volatility of statistical indicators of Gmail users. We certainly will inform you of the results in a timely manner statistical and most accurate. In the meantime, you should remain calm and continue to send email to your customers without interest in the email that will be included in the tab of the Gmail inbox.
What do you think about this issue? Does the Gmail tab has a negative impact not email marketing?

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