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How to Stop Spam in Gmail?

In the recent period it was always my Gmail messages appear miscellaneous, visual message that I do not want. And I feel very annoyed about that, And I always think is 
How to block spam in Gmail that sense. But recently I have found out that Gmail had a pretty powerful system to identify junk messages and spam messages that automatically filters its start work to show you a less and less desirable. Most of the action needs to stop unsolicited email must be done by the user, and once an action is set.

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This is one of the Gmail spam filter is really good, so before you follow the steps below, make sure that you're done with the basics. Which means you should select the unwanted message, and click the spam button, after following this process several times a few. Spam filters will work effectively in a few cases mark a message as spam.

Step 1: First you Log in to your Gmail account, then it will appear like the picture below you can click the pie iconin upper right corner -> select "Install".

Step 2: In Settings, go to the filter and click "Create a new filter" link.

Step 3: Enter your filter, such as specific addresses of spam sources, titles and keywords to identify spam (spam keyword example: "buy cheap apartmentsopportunity" or "please Contact us" ...).

Once you have done click "Create filter with this search" button.

Step 4: Choose how to deal with the email was identified as spam, check the "Delete" and then click "Create a filter".

Step 5: Gmail will update the list of filters you create. You can create a filter by clicking on the "Create a new filter" again.

Add Step: Gmail has launched a feature that helps users block new spam quickly from the source address has been bothering you. Specifically, Gmail settings Unsubscribe link next to the email address for your ad.

Visit Promotions section, which contains the message sent and advertising information for consideration.

In each of PromotionsSection email, Gmail settings Unsubscribe link next to the ad email address so you can block messages from this source.

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