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Worst Gmail Passwords of 2014

In creating or updating your list of passwords, we have listed the ones that you should stay away. They are known to be some of the worst passwords of 2014.

Similar to the list of the worst passwords of the year before, the common denominator of most in our list is the most simple of evolution. In addition, a number of observers is a combination of the terms evolution giveaway plus some.

In the inspection and analysis of worst passwords are listed, it is also clear that some users just add another one for the progression either (1) meet the length of the password is required requirements or (2) change their password if it has expired or has been hijacked.

There is a lot you place your Gmail password simple to find.
Here is a list of the worst passwords to use for your personal safety:

  • password
  • 12345
  • 123456
  • 12346567890
  • letmein
  • Password1234
  • 111111
  • trustno1
  • admin
  • iloveyou

If the safety of your home is important to you, it means you place a high importance to the safety of your personal information as well. Today, there are an increasing number of accounts in social media and e-mail attack. This poses a significant threat to the safety of your personal data, which only emphasizes the importance of creating strong passwords.

Although there is a demand for creating strong passwords, many people still resort to catchy and those no-brainer. Some do it just to make sure they do not forget their password when they log in to any account they have. Others do so to make logging gmail in the breeze.

Even if that is the case, you have to think about your security first before anything else. This means creating a difficult to crack password that only you can remember.

If you have seen any of your passwords included in the list, it is in your best interest to change it as soon as you can. You are very susceptible to getting hacked and this may mean that you will not be able to gain access and control to your account.

You have to stop thinking about having a simple password that is easy to memorize or remember. Safety of your personal information should come first and that means coming up with unique passwords.

Here are some simple steps to take in creating a strong password for any of your accounts:

  1. Do not use any of the passwords listed above
  2. Make sure that you combine a mixture of alphanumeric and special symbols
  3. For the alphanumeric characters mix it up with lower and upper case letters
  4. Don’t just use one word for your password
  5. Don’t just substitute a certain letter in your password with obvious replacements such as 3 for e, @ for a, or 0 for O

How to Remember Your New Password

One of the hurdles that people have in creating strong passwords is that they are afraid that they will forget it. It is not recommended for people to resort to writing down their password just to remember it. This defeats the purpose of creating a strong password. One way to help you recall your password is by creating an acronym for it.

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