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Thứ Sáu, 29 tháng 4, 2016

How to link your Facebook account with Gmail

Signature will often appear at the bottom of the mail to the recipient mail additional contact information such as your address, your phone number .... However, if you only use letters and numbers will easily cause boredom to the recipient, you can add links to your Facebook account to add vivid. Below you will find our article about the links of Facebook to Gmail.

First, you prepare a photo the logo of social networking website Facebook. Then, log into your Gmail account, click the gear icon and select Settings saws

Then, scroll down and check the item Signature signature creations simultaneously press the Insert Image

After the dialog s Add an image appears, you select the photos you want to upload to

Then you can adjust the size to photos with the option Small - Medium - Large - Original size

The next step, please click on the photo and click the next link

In the dialog that pops up, fill the display name and the address link your Facebook and then click OK

Finally, scroll down and click the Save changes footer to save changes.

With other accounts such as YouTube, Twitter, then how well similar. From now on, your Gmail signature became much more vivid and others can learn more information about you and know.

Thứ Tư, 27 tháng 4, 2016

How to Backup Gmail to Your Computer Using Gmail’s Offline Mode

Recently Google has a Google mail application that is used for offline mode, but you can solve this big problem. And immediately after the mode is activated it should, then all you have to do is visit and all emails will still be there, even if you do not have an internet connection!

You are now ready to install the Gmail Offline Mode it up yet? And now you see the instructions below to install it.

Note: Gmail offline mode will work with Internet Explorer and Firefox, but they require Google Gears add-on. Chrome supports it by default. Offline Gmail will not work for accounts with multiple sign-enabled, you can disable it here.

The steps to be able to enable Gmail Offline mode

Step 1 : You click the gear icon and choose Mail Settings in Gmail. Or you can just click here.

Step 2

You click on the line from the settings menu tab and check the Disable Offline Mail for this computer. Now we just need to customize what mail is downloaded.

  • 2.b You choose how recent you want to download mail for most of the directories. Gmail Offline mode provides an option we will see in step 3 that will allow you to personally choose which folders are fully backed up. In the example below I chose to backup email that is not older than 1 week. This is because most of my mail became irrelevant after 1 week, but still have a few folders I want to backup the entire history.

Click Change Label Settings.

Step 3

Install labels will now expand on the screen. Here you can customize what you want to download mail.

  • All - Download the entire history of your mail to a folder / label in your Gmail specifically.
1 week - This would be any time limits you set your recent range in Step 2.b, larger messages will not be downloaded.
  • No - folders / labels will not load at all.

Step 4

This step is that you can specify the size of the maximum attachment, but unless you have someone sends you a 100MB + files is not an issue. You can also create a desktop shortcut that will directly open your mailbox, but all this is to open your web browser

When you're done customizing, click Save Changes, and we were almost finished.

Step 5

You’ll go through a series of prompts.  Click Next

Click Allow and that you Trust Gmail to access Google Gears.

Choose if you want any shortcuts, Click OK.

Wait a few minutes for Google to finish setup and download your email archive.  The amount of time this total amount of your storage space you are using for email.  Space used can generally be seen at the very bottom of your Gmail webpage.


Your Gmail emails should now be backed up and downloaded to your computer thanks to Google Gears.  Now that you have Offline Mode enabled, you can choose when you’d like to sync and download emails, and disabling it is easy as well.  To open up Offline Mode options, justClick the little green checkmark that now appears at the top-right of your Gmail window; below your username.

Create a backup of your backup

If you’d like to know where Google Gears stores your Gmail information on your computer, thelocation is %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Plugin Data\Google Gears. Here you can copy your folder to make a copy of it, but make sure that it isn’t empty as Gears tends to make several Gmail folders for some reason.

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Offline Gmail is still used

To order high competitiveness of the service industry, Google has been testing literacy and Gmail search time when you lose network.

Google always believes strongly in the potential and the idea of ​​starting the applications and data live on the Internet computer rather than in a PC. But there were also times when your computer is lost and can not access the network by network and general applications like Gmail web platform are stuck in such circumstances.

And access Gmail without connecting to the network, or offline when you open a new chapter for Google's ambitions to attract business customers use the Google services like Gmail, Google Apps, which is a constituent.

In the coming days, Google will let users email service Gmail, try a web platform even though it is not connected to the network.

Moreover, Google Apps customers will receive other offline capabilities "soon": access Google Calendar schedule would not even initially have the ability to create a new entry. Google executives said that if the organization allows the ability to "New Features", each person in the organization will have access to Google Calendar calendars.

The new features that make Gmail more friendly to business customers, but for many, the bigger problem is Gmail is still in Beta, which is still in the testing process.

Gmail offline can do?

To enable offline Gmail, Gmail users standard version click on "settings" after logging in to Gmail. There, they should click on the "Labs" section, select "Enable" button next to "Offline Gmail" and click on "Save Changes". A link "Offline" new then it appears right-hand corner of the interface accounts. users of Education and Premier Apps versions will have to wait for the administrators to enable Gmail Labs Apps for everyone on the domain first.

Offline Gmail inbox contains a copy of a personal computer. Most people will have to install it, a process that Google wants them done. But it is built on Google's Chrome browser.

Once the software Google Gears is installed and enabled offline access, the software will automatically detect when the network connection active. If the network good, Gmail works as usual. If the network is weak, it automatically switches to offline mode, to send messages and retrieve new messages are not sent when the connection is restored.

And if the network jitter, users can use intermittent connection mode, ie the queue unsent messages saved in the hard drive and then actually sent as soon as possible.

When operational, Gmail offline start by downloading a copy stored on the user's computer. But software contains about 10,000 emails, too heavy so the user can not receive the full copy.

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Thứ Hai, 25 tháng 4, 2016

Gmail address - How to create your email account

Google's Gmail e-mail address is provided free for everyone to use. The service was announced on April 1, 2004 with its storage space of 1GB. But, to want to prevent the overload of it on their web servers and to check compliance with the service, Google should restrict access to Gmail - account it can be created through the invitation. Those who already have a Gmail address, it can also send your invitations there. At a certain time, Gmail invitation has been sold on for more than $ 100.
On February 7, 2007, Google has opened and now anyone can create yourself a free Gmail address without special invitation of others. The "Sign up for Gmail" link together they have boldly displayed on the Gmail homepage and it still stands today!
Note: Google Gmail remains in beta, which means that these services are still in the experimental condition. However, with millions of users they are still very happy with all parts of the world, Gmail has proven the necessity of it for the people to know.
And now we should do to yourself you can taocho your email account and get a Gmail address.
Gmail homepage address
You open a browser window and type the address into the Gmail home page - Once there you will find a "Sign up for Gmail" link in bold displays near the bottom of the page. To begin the process of creating your account, you click this link and then you will be shown the online Gmail address "application" to their form.

And now you start setting yourself a Gmail account by you enter your details - your name, last name, desired username, password (need to enter twice the same), and you have to answer a security question (and its answer), secondary email (optional), location and verified. For details, please refer to the next section.
Please complete the online form with a Gmail address
Your personal information
The form requires you to enter personal details of three - your first name, last name and your location. And finally, you need to choose your country from the drop down menu.
Username or login name
All Gmail address it are formatted as means your username will involve part of your Gmail address. Therefore, you must make sure you choose one that everyone will be able to remember. Long username or those that contain a combination of letters and numbers can be difficult to remember. Username good for your Gmail address will be your name, but it probably will not be available because of duplicate names are or if unless you have a common name. You press the button "check availability" located just below the login field lets you know if a username has been done by others.

To give you an a unique login name that describes you, your business or your passion can be frustrating, but I should also advise that you take a little time on it. When you enter a name then Gmail will also dig out and suggest available login names based on your input.
Note: The email address is the address will only fade. No two people in the world can have the same email address (unless they share).
Questions password and security
To be able to access your Gmail address, you need to provide a certain password. At that time you will notice that you are asked to enter the same password twice. To make sure you enter the password in the two fields you have to enter until "strong password" then the bar will tell you how strong (or weak) your password. Then remember that the password is the key for your email accounts and it is important that you make to the password should be that complicated, the better to others can not guess it in a few tries. Your password can to by the numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and special characters.

If in case you have lost or forgotten password for your password, then Gmail will also provide a method to allow you to access your account again. This is done through the security questions that you originally registered was asked. Select a question from the drop-down menu or enter your own (it can be anything you want). Now enter the answer.

Do you own an email account? Enter your secondary email fields. If you are creating an email address for the first time, you can leave it blank in this case (as it is an optional field anyway).
The current form is almost complete. Type the characters you see in the word verification field and hit the "I accept. Create my account" button to forward your online application for a Gmail address.
Check the e-mail account to your Gmail
Assuming the form is successfully registered, you will be displayed on a screen as "Cheers" with a few tips about how to use Gmail.

Please click on the "I'm reading - for me my account" link near the top right to gain access to a new Gmail email account you just created. And now you will be in the inbox of your Gmail address with an email from the Gmail team.

Chủ Nhật, 24 tháng 4, 2016

Gmail versions - Basic HTML view and the standard view

Maybe a lot of Gmail users but they do not know that there are two versions of Gmail. It is good if you're heading there for such professional issues can be set aside as long as you find the service useful. It's always a good idea to at least know you all that Gmail has to offer. This article provides a brief introduction to the two versions of Gmail, so you can see which version is right for your needs it is necessary.
Basic HTML view - Gmail simple version
The basic HTML view of Gmail is the age of the two versions, and it is mainly for people on slower Internet connections, such as a dialup. Many bells and whistles such as Gmail themes missing from the standard view for the preferred features tend to make heavy web pages, slow function and page display. Here are some tips that when you download something that weighs in progress (via a Torrent) and have a desire and check your email on Gmail, then you should also use this version because it will help you will load faster and save your valuable time more.
Gmail's standard views - enhanced version
The mode of the standard Gmail puts all these features at your Gmail - Gmail themes, dynamic drop-down menus, rich-text format to compose email and more. Although this results in heavy file size of the site, people on broadband connections and fast internet will not notice the difference at all.

Please note that two different versions of the main features that it takes time to load images, dynamic drop-down menus. The basic function of composing and reading email remains; although rich-text format is absent in the basic version.

This is where things become more complicated feeling. Gmail view itself as the standard version of which two - the newer and older. But the older version does not have many features such as chat, theme, hidden from view, ... like the new version.
Gmail for you to switch back and forth between views and basic standard HTML by clicking on the link of the other versions. These links will often appear at the bottom of the page (at the bottom of the page). For example, I use the standard Gmail view (new version) and links to the old standard as well as the basic HTML version below.
Conclusion: If you use the basic HTML version of slow internet connection or if you have a large file download progress and move to fancier version for added functionality when connected via broadband .

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Thứ Sáu, 22 tháng 4, 2016

Composing Gmail e-mail using rich-text formatting features

Gmail can allow you to send e-mail in two formats it is - plain text and rich text. The latter only on the version (standard) new Gmail. How do you know which version you're using any version? If you have entered into your account, move the mouse to the bottom of the web page (footer) and you will find it mentioned there - see Gmail: ....
It's easy to switch from the (basic HTML) of the old version to the new version. you just simply click the link alternate version on the right side of the "Settings" link at the top gmail page (also found at the bottom of the page) - the version you refer Gmail to know more than the new version of the gmail. To take advantage of this article, you can work with the new version of Gmail.

Rich-text toolbar in Gmail

To start with a new e-mail message by you click "Compose Mail" link located under the logo. Just above the text box where you type your message, you will see what I am saying is rich text toolbar - you check out the pictures below. It has a whole lot of buttons through which you change the format of e-mail your text content. I have to go through every detail and also mentioned functions and their use.

E-mail text formatting

The first few buttons on the rich text toolbar that allows you to use the basic format for the text in the e-mail message from you. It simply select the text you then (click, hold mouse button and drag to the final) and press the appropriate buttons to achieve the desired format. In the same text that you can change the type of text in different formats - for example, you can bold, italicize, apply the red and blue lines, black or highlight something your review is really important and need to be heeded by the recipient, that is, depending on how your format.

  • Bold: placing the selected text in bold - the text used it when you need to put emphasis on a word or a phrase, or a block of text that you deem necessary mark it
  • Underline: may cause confusion as underlined text usually regarded as a hyperlink (web links, URL) - use it less (at least I do), but I guess its good for title.
  • Italic: This is italicized text formatted to use (again) to emphasize the importance of certain elements in your document.
  • Select the font style: You're writing an email to your text with the boring format. You change it into something strange and new. The drop down will give you a choice between sans-serif (the default), serif, wide, narrow, Comic Sans MS, Courier New, Garamond, Georgia, Tahoma, Trebuchet MS and Verdana. The name of the font in the drop-down is displayed in a similar typeface you can see what each one looks like.
  • Font size: In the mail have four font sizes available for you: small, normal, large and very large. When you know what you're doing, please restrain yourself in making all the text in the message to your e-mail, or small or large! The different font sizes will be provided for a purpose- so you can structure the e-mail content to create a group or a subgroup.
  • Font Color: Font Color is the format you select some text or a text and then click on the color you want from the drop-down table. It's always a good idea to add a little color to the dull but other documents do not go overboard and put each line in a different color.
  • Text Highlights: Works like your normal highlighter - choose from 70 colors in the palette.

Gmail e-mail emoticons

Gmail also has icons for your feelings in a message using your e-mail. Click Emoticon button in the toolbar and then choose one of the expressions that you want. There are two sets of emoticons, such special rudimentary and rounded square icons.

Add a URL or website link in your e-mail
Include a URL or a web page link (hyperlink) in the e-mail message you are simple. You click on the icon in the chain link and a pop-up window, and then you enter the text you want to become a link and URL (this is the web address). Gmail also allows you to check the URL to make sure you submit the correct information ...! You can also embed the e-mail addresses and links.
Include a list of items in the Gmail e-mail and organize your documents
There are two buttons to format the text as a list - both ordered list and unordered. Then you press the button for indentation, sort (right, left and center). You can also insert a quote that text is indented with a road on the left.
Remove format
The format is applied to the text can be reversed by selecting it and then click "Remove Format". In fact, you can delete all emails đy formats by you try clicking on the "Plain Text". However, if you do that you can not get the change back and all the formatting will be lost forever and not get back đk
I hope this article proves our useful to you. And show some love by giving your email with some color and style and more diverse.

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Thứ Tư, 20 tháng 4, 2016

How to setup a Gmail auto reply message

you are very busy with the work of immense phhair not, you do not have time to check the mail and serve demanding customers. So, to save time, all you need is to create a concise content that is suitable for all audiences mail autoresponder like. To create a content Gmail autoresponder will do for customers as well as others feel satisfied with your service and for your care.

Here’s how to create an auto reply content for incoming Gmail messages

First, click on the cogwheel icon where the red arrow is pointing at on the Image 1:

You’ll see a small window appear, then click Settings as shown on Image 2:

You must login gmail account before performing these steps:

Then appearing the interface of main functions in the Settings.

On the image 3, pull down the scroll until you see “Vacation responder” item.

You have stopped at the Vacation responder item. Follow the first red arrow, click mouse pointer at “Vacation responder on” then choose the first day and the last day you apply this feature. (the second red arrow)

In the line below, you can type the subject which can be a reason for not able to check mail, thanks to them for send mail to you. At Message box, you may leave the message which can be in any forms such as contacts, advertising, or any reasons you need to confess.

Follow the third red arrow, you can check this square if you only want people in your contacts to receive your auto reply messages. If not, all incoming messages can also receive your auto reply messages.

When you finish, click Save changes to complete the setting above.