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Gmail Tabs is and how to work

Gmail Tabs is and how?

Email marketing world today is very interested in the tabs that Google has added Gmail (they made the announcement about this on the day 29-5-2013). Up to this point, everyone has used it for some time tab.

Let's see how it works.
How Gmail Tabs Works

Design new look was launched in 2013, so all users should have already activated interface. You can disable the original tab, but it must be activated on your account at this time. Tabs act as a new interface - you do not have to do anything.

You will have to start three tabs: primary, social and promotions.


Social tabs will filter through all the e-mail social media your and put them in this tab. When you click on the social tab, you'll notice the following email:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Goodreads

There are a variety of social default filters are made. You will find more options than a few mentioned above.

Primary school

This tab is the same as your default home page for your email. This tab will show all your mail except those with the tab. You will see the first card when logging into your mail because this is the default tab. For users, this is the most common changes made.

Note: Social email and your ads will not be shown here. Only emails are not classified will pop up on the main tab.


The final tab is the promotions tab. This tab includes all advertising messages seen by the platform. If you have registered an account at NewEgg and join their mailing list, for example, you can find the latest promotional email them in this tab.

You can also add two other tab by clicking the "+" sign that is next to promotions. Two other tabs are not displayed as default: Update and Forum.


This will be the mail, such as receipts, invoices or statements from banks or purchase.


This tab will classify all forum updates, discuss your list and so on in the tab.

Most of the functions are implemented entirely in Gmail itself; you will not need to make many changes at all. However, there are times when mail will not be put in a proper tab. In this case, you can do the following:

  • Go to the Main tab.
  • Right-click on the corresponding email.
  • Select "Move to tab".

From here, you will want to select the tab where emails should be classified. On top of the window, you will be prompted to "Do this in the future" to the sender. If you want all messages from this sender will be automatically placed in a future list, click "Yes".

You can also do the same for mail that is not classified correctly.

Gmail Tabs makes your email easier to move to ensure that you only see the emails that you want to see.

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