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How to use Gmail and your Inbox Together

Android and iOs is two very good customer for developing Google did email and the Web page. You will be very difficult to choose one of two right? But now you will not have to select them again, you can use both applications together also, please take advantage of the best features from both private power through overflowing box of you. And here will be the best advice for you about.
Google has done an impressive job of keeping these two apps working in harmony, and hopefully these tips help you jump between them without a hitch. If you are using both Gmail and Inbox alongside each other, let us know how you utilize the different features available in each in the comments

Two applications than

Gmail is a product that is quite familiar to you? Gmail it full of fat, complete with advanced filtering, advanced search, trademark and all the rest ... it is still the best place for you if you want to control turns dark multi-email on your road works, although some auto-classification feature is available, too.

Gmail inbox is the idea of ​​an email client the next generation of Google. It tries to make as many tasks as it can automatically filter the message, the email package together, the surface of photographs and documents that it is important for you to take it easy. It does not have the depth of the entire Gmail, but it's better to quickly churn through email to the day.

With that in mind, it makes sense to use Gmail on your desktop when you have plenty of time to think and sort and Inbox on your mobile phone when you're quickly sifting through the messages and actions on them-even though it's completely up to you of course. Fortunately, Google has made it easy to switch from one application to another without much hassle.

Set up on a mobile phone

The first task on the mobile phone is controlled notice, especially if you have both a Gmail and your Inbox installed applications. Input Settings screen in two applications (Android or iOS), and you can disable notifications for a while keeping them in the other.

Please note that the Inbox of the Gmail Settings screen allows you can choose to reject messages can be deleted or only store-getting this right is very important in the use of parallel Inbox the first application of Google email. You go for is up to you, but make sure that the options are configured correctly, otherwise you may find a message that you want to keep disappearing.

As we have said, use the box on the mobile phone makes a lot of sense. You can swipe left and right to the message to sleep them or mark them as done, and thanks to the automatic classification inbox is not, it means a less cluttered look on a small mobile screen than yours. There is no reason why you can not use both on the same device, but you can spend most of your time in one or the other.

Both apps will keep your messages in sync, even if the view you get of your emails is likely to be significantly different. If you open up the left-hand menus in each app you’ll notice they’re largely similar, giving you access to all the labels you’ve configured in Gmail as well as the standard folders for sent emails, drafts, spam messages, and so on.

Setting up on the web

Getting two tabs or two bookmarks pointing to Gmail and Inbox is straightforward enough, and you can jump from one to the other seamlessly on the web. Labels created in one app are instantly available in the other, though Inbox offers more in the way of automatic labeling, including a Low Priority filter for those less important messages.

If you snooze an email in Inbox, it’s archived in Gmail; move it back to the inbox in the latter app and you break the snooze function. You can actually find snoozed emails in Gmail by typing “label:snoozed” into the search box, and the Inbox bundles (Finance, Purchases and so on) have similar hidden labels—as indeed do the tabs in the default Gmail interface.

While starred emails (Gmail) and pinned emails (Inbox) work along similar lines, they’re not the same thing. Your starred emails don’t appear as pinned emails and vice versa (search for “label:pinned” in Gmail if you want to check). That gives you the freedom to use pins and stars for two different purposes, but they won’t cross over between apps.

If you are using Gmail on the desktop and Inbox on mobile, then you can access Inbox’s features to some extent via the hidden labels we’ve mentioned. You can’t snooze messages from the Gmail interface, but they will reappear in the appropriate tab at the specified time—it’s not as obvious as the feature is in Inbox, but it is there.

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