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Offline Gmail is still used

To order high competitiveness of the service industry, Google has been testing literacy and Gmail search time when you lose network.

Google always believes strongly in the potential and the idea of ​​starting the applications and data live on the Internet computer rather than in a PC. But there were also times when your computer is lost and can not access the network by network and general applications like Gmail web platform are stuck in such circumstances.

And access Gmail without connecting to the network, or offline when you open a new chapter for Google's ambitions to attract business customers use the Google services like Gmail, Google Apps, which is a constituent.

In the coming days, Google will let users email service Gmail, try a web platform even though it is not connected to the network.

Moreover, Google Apps customers will receive other offline capabilities "soon": access Google Calendar schedule would not even initially have the ability to create a new entry. Google executives said that if the organization allows the ability to "New Features", each person in the organization will have access to Google Calendar calendars.

The new features that make Gmail more friendly to business customers, but for many, the bigger problem is Gmail is still in Beta, which is still in the testing process.

Gmail offline can do?

To enable offline Gmail, Gmail users standard version click on "settings" after logging in to Gmail. There, they should click on the "Labs" section, select "Enable" button next to "Offline Gmail" and click on "Save Changes". A link "Offline" new then it appears right-hand corner of the interface accounts. users of Education and Premier Apps versions will have to wait for the administrators to enable Gmail Labs Apps for everyone on the domain first.

Offline Gmail inbox contains a copy of a personal computer. Most people will have to install it, a process that Google wants them done. But it is built on Google's Chrome browser.

Once the software Google Gears is installed and enabled offline access, the software will automatically detect when the network connection active. If the network good, Gmail works as usual. If the network is weak, it automatically switches to offline mode, to send messages and retrieve new messages are not sent when the connection is restored.

And if the network jitter, users can use intermittent connection mode, ie the queue unsent messages saved in the hard drive and then actually sent as soon as possible.

When operational, Gmail offline start by downloading a copy stored on the user's computer. But software contains about 10,000 emails, too heavy so the user can not receive the full copy.

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