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Gmail versions - Basic HTML view and the standard view

Maybe a lot of Gmail users but they do not know that there are two versions of Gmail. It is good if you're heading there for such professional issues can be set aside as long as you find the service useful. It's always a good idea to at least know you all that Gmail has to offer. This article provides a brief introduction to the two versions of Gmail, so you can see which version is right for your needs it is necessary.
Basic HTML view - Gmail simple version
The basic HTML view of Gmail is the age of the two versions, and it is mainly for people on slower Internet connections, such as a dialup. Many bells and whistles such as Gmail themes missing from the standard view for the preferred features tend to make heavy web pages, slow function and page display. Here are some tips that when you download something that weighs in progress (via a Torrent) and have a desire and check your email on Gmail, then you should also use this version because it will help you will load faster and save your valuable time more.
Gmail's standard views - enhanced version
The mode of the standard Gmail puts all these features at your Gmail - Gmail themes, dynamic drop-down menus, rich-text format to compose email and more. Although this results in heavy file size of the site, people on broadband connections and fast internet will not notice the difference at all.

Please note that two different versions of the main features that it takes time to load images, dynamic drop-down menus. The basic function of composing and reading email remains; although rich-text format is absent in the basic version.

This is where things become more complicated feeling. Gmail view itself as the standard version of which two - the newer and older. But the older version does not have many features such as chat, theme, hidden from view, ... like the new version.
Gmail for you to switch back and forth between views and basic standard HTML by clicking on the link of the other versions. These links will often appear at the bottom of the page (at the bottom of the page). For example, I use the standard Gmail view (new version) and links to the old standard as well as the basic HTML version below.
Conclusion: If you use the basic HTML version of slow internet connection or if you have a large file download progress and move to fancier version for added functionality when connected via broadband .

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