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How to link your Facebook account with Gmail

Signature will often appear at the bottom of the mail to the recipient mail additional contact information such as your address, your phone number .... However, if you only use letters and numbers will easily cause boredom to the recipient, you can add links to your Facebook account to add vivid. Below you will find our article about the links of Facebook to Gmail.

First, you prepare a photo the logo of social networking website Facebook. Then, log into your Gmail account, click the gear icon and select Settings saws

Then, scroll down and check the item Signature signature creations simultaneously press the Insert Image

After the dialog s Add an image appears, you select the photos you want to upload to

Then you can adjust the size to photos with the option Small - Medium - Large - Original size

The next step, please click on the photo and click the next link

In the dialog that pops up, fill the display name and the address link your Facebook and then click OK

Finally, scroll down and click the Save changes footer to save changes.

With other accounts such as YouTube, Twitter, then how well similar. From now on, your Gmail signature became much more vivid and others can learn more information about you and know.

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