Thứ Ba, 10 tháng 5, 2016

Gmail login recipes when the Internet connection is too slow

Incidents off AAG in recent days have caused most of the Internet connection from Vietnam to foreign countries in trouble, including the popular Gmail service. Do not worry, we've got ways.

By default, Gmail e-mail service provider to the user interface complete with features such as chat, search, list of other Google services and features clear and beautiful interface will requires the browser to download more data.

But in situations like slow Internet connection speeds to a crawl or network administrator forced to use low bandwidth to prioritize the data transmission activities more important in the unit, you think right to access Gmail with a simple interface (called interface display HTML format).

If necessary, you can set this interface becomes the default Gmail interface.

For users who are still using older computers with low processing performance, it is also worth considering a procedure to speed up logging into Gmail.

How to do the following:

1. Open any browser

2. In the message just below the sequence information menu and your Gmail account, you'll see a link labeled Set basic HTML as default của view, please click on it.

Immediately, you'll see a Gmail displays a simple new interface and have quite old (if you have not been for many years through the use of this e-mail service).

To return to the interface "modern" of Gmail, you look in the right corner of the Gmail interface is open, click on the link labeled Standard View.

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