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Status Updates Gmail inbox directly on the Desktop

Typically, for a new email sent to or not, will have to take some steps to open the browser, type in the address, log on to the mailbox ... With Gmail Notifier, Gmail users will update information on mailbox quickly and directly from the desktop.

Unlike Yahoo Mail can update new email through Yahoo! Messenger chat software familiar to Gmail users typically log in directly to the new mailbox can learn new emails sent to or not. This is quite inconvenient and annoying, and you have to regularly visit several times to update the mailbox.

Gmail Notifier is a free software that allows you to manage Gmail mailbox status directly from the desktop. The software will notify users when a new email info is sent to.

In particular, you can quickly log on to the mailbox directly from the software.

Free Download Gmail Notifier.

After completing the installation, a dialog box appears for you to enter your Gmail account information management wanted. Fill in the address log into the password in the dialog box and click OK.
Note: The Gmail Notifier is a software designed by Google itself, so you do not have to worry cases their credentials stolen.

After a successful login, the software icon appears in the system tray, and the software will list the turn list unread emails in your inbox that you've signed.

In case want to use the software to check the list of unread email, you right-click on the software, select 'Tell me again'. Dialog box like the original email list will again be displayed to the full listing of the latest emails and even get the old email that you have not read.

If you want quick access to the mailbox to read new email content or feedback, you right-click the software icon, select 'View Inbox'.

Window's default browser, Windows will display and log in to your Gmail inbox without having to declare the login information.

In case you want to change the type of browser to use when accessing Gmail (instead of using the default browser), right-click the software icon, select 'Options'.

From the dialog box that appears, select the type of web browsers want to use (from a list of browsers being installed on the system). Click OK to save the setting.

If you want to log in to another Gmail inbox on the software, you exit the software (right click on the icon, select Exit), then activated again to log into the new account.

So, with the help of Gmail Notifier, you can quickly update information about new email sent to your Gmail inbox on the desktop, which can be quickly updated news from or feedback email back in time when necessary.

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